**Leadership & Management tender opportunity**

Short deadline of Monday 1st February 2021 4.00pm
A commissioner is looking for a supplier to develop and deliver a leadership development programme that will equip Heads and Directors (NHS) with the skills and knowledge they need to lead their workforces within the context of the instability created by the pandemic. This will include:
+ Resilient leadership
+ Facilitating change within an uncertain context
+ Providing psychologically safe learning environments for teams.
Training should be tailored to the context of the pandemic, placing the above skills and knowledge in the context within which Heads and Directors will need to be implementing them in the short- and medium-term.
This programme should be delivered virtually/remotely.
As this training is needed urgently to support staff during the ongoing pandemic, delivery of this programme should commence in February 2021 and complete by the end of March 2021.
Please contact me for more details via info@tender-consultancy.co.uk
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